Q: Where do you deliver?

A: We deliver in Columbus, Ohio.

Q. Are your microgreens organic?

A:  They sure are. We're not technically certified organic but we grow using all organic practices.

Q: Is tipping acceptable?

A: Yup!

Q: I’m heading out of town for vacation, can I pause my subscription?

A: Absolutely. You're able to manage your subscription through our customer portal.

Q: How do I tell a friend?

A: Tag us @microgiants.co on social media, or point them to our website. Thank you!

Q: What's the difference between microgreens and regular vegetables?

A: Microgreens are the vegetable plants themselves, harvested when they're only about a week old. When they're young they are not only exceptionally high in nutrients, but super tasty.

Q: Are sprouts a microgreen?

A: Sprouts are actually not the same as microgreens, but if you like sprouts you'll love microgreens! With sprouts you eat the seed and everything but microgreens are grown in soil and harvested above the soil line like any other crop.

Q: Are microgreens dangerous?

A: Microgreens, like all soil grown crops, are the safest of all organic food products.