MicroGiants for Athletes


MicroGiants is an urban farm growing and delivering microgreens to customers all around Columbus, Ohio. Because of the incredible benefits of microgreens for athletes we've partnered with several local gyms to offer a weekly gym drop to all members. As a gym member you can build a custom order, we'll grow it specific for you, and drop it off at your gym each week within 24 hours of harvest. All members also get free delivery!  


  • We'll give you a coupon code to waive the delivery fee.

  • Enter your gym address as the shipping address: Your Gym's Address

  • Click here to shop all greens and build your custom order.

  • If you're interested in bringing MicroGiants to your gym contact us here.


"We eat microgreens with nearly every meal now. Super healthy, a great snack, and our go-to instead of sugary or salty snacks. The benefits of microgreens are so much greater than we ever knew! The convenience of fresh delivery every single week makes it all worth it." - Nathan Okuley

"I have used microgreens on salads, fish, BLTs, eggs, so many options. They are fresh and crunchy even a week later. I am loving the addition of these to my meals!" - Carrie H.

"Great! They are very fresh, crisp and have so much flavor! I love how much nutrients are packed into microgreens and make them a staple part of my everyday diet." - Michelle H.

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